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  We’re building a farm on an beautiful, historic site in Greene County, Missouri.  We started with a Shop and now we’ve moved into our house.  Our project includes several extraordinary innovations including ABC wall technology and PhotoHydronic heat exchangers. 

The Shop includes a number of interesting features including a PV array on the south with a PhotoHydronic (also known as PVT) heat exchanger on the backside to recover heat for the radiant floor.   There’s a small apartment on the south side.  The domestic hot water is preheated with a new Caleffi solar system.  Future projects include a rainwater collection system and a small canning kitchen. 

The house:  Our house will be assembled by Prestressed Casting Company using ABC Wall technology.  Our house designers are Jennifer Wilson and Travis Tindall of nForm Architecture.  Our landscaping is being planned by Jerany Jackson and Ryan Evitts of Great Rivers Engineering.  Our builder is Todd Johnson of Renaissance Builders.  Our sustainable planting plan across the farm is being planned by Richard Herman, a local permaculturalist of great renown.  Hot Rod Rohr of Caleffi provided our new solar domestic hot water system for both the barn. James Bartley of SkyWire did our electrical and HVAC controls. Lonney Smith of WeeBee Plumbing did our plumbing work.  Charlie Optiz of Kirberg Roofing did the PVC flat roof work.

We are working with Gary Fries of ASER USA to submit paperwork to the achieve the listings below:  EPA WaterSense, LEED-H (USGBC recognition for homes) EPA Energy Star, EPA Indoor AirPlus and the DOE Builder’s Challenge.

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Looking east from the top of the house toward the barn.  

Incoming REC


Lateral lines




Advantex treatment