Save your local planet

See any other livable planets out there?  Any exits in space, lifeboats, wormholes, paradises?  If not, then maybe we should figure out how 7 billion of us can work together to keep our overheating planet from killing most of us.  Notes by DC.


Go to Post Carbon to read what Richard Heinberg has to say. 

He writes great books including “The Party’s Over” and “Power Down”.  You can also sign up for his very interesting newsletter at his website:

Bill McKibben is a hero of mine and he is the President and co-founder of  That number references the parts per million we need to be at to minimize the grave dangers of an overheating planet.  Right now, we’re at 392.   

Joe Romm is a scientist and makes powerful, factual arguments for policy makers and citizens. I’ve heard him make a presentation and it leaves no room for doubt.  Read his comments and observations at Climate Progress.

Ozarks New Energy is the only Springfield-based organization dedicated to new forms of energy.  We’ve sponsored three large and dynamic conferences so far and there will be more in the future.  We’re dedicated to finding the celebrating the many local successes with renewable energy that emerge from our duct-tape, can-do culture.

Renew Missouri is the most effective state-wide organization for policy, legislation and practical alternatives to carbon fuels.  Founded by P.J. Wilson, this is a great group of people who sponsor an annual conference in Columbia that is worth your time.  The three most significant pieces of energy-related law to fight their way through the legislature to the Governors desk include the alternative energy interconnect agreement, the state-wide renewable portfolio standard and the Property Assessed Clean Energy bills.  P.J. and Renew Missouri were the sparkplugs for all three.