Rainwater/Drip Irrigation planning

We will plant and maintain native plants, trees and grasses.  In order to do that, we will need a rainwater and drip irrigation plan.  Here’s the latest thinking:  6 zones that include a hydrant and drip irrigation header. 

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Northern Sea Oats

Zoysia Grass

Only Zone 3 shows the complete pipe layout:  hydrant to 1/2” supply lines to branch drip lines. The others are implied.

Hydrant and drip head details:  In this photos, you can see the proposed plumbing for each of the approximately 20 sprinkler and hose connections.  The higher line pressure services a hose, but the special 9 head drip valve has a pressure reducer and filter built in.  In addition, there are shut-off valves for each 1/4” connection (shown as a purple head).

Photo of the submersible rainwater pump and control.

Location of the proposed corrugated tank next to the carport storage room.

In this schematic, we see the major components for the rainwater irrigation system:  The 7’ diameter, 14’ tall corrugated tank is 4,000 gallons of storage.

Concepts for the top of the tank

We need a top for the rainwater tank, so Todd and I are thinking about our options.  In these sketches, we explore the top of the tank as a place for birdwatching.  It also includes a hatch for periodic tank inspection.

Note the solar collectors nearby that will supply the kinetic water sculpture with power.  See more about the sculpture here: