House plan evolution

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Here’s a series of links to ideas that may have come and gone and may be incorporated into the house design.

Mechanical Room
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SunTube planning 5.23.11

Here’s a preliminary location for the Suntubes that will provide daylighting for the top floor.  This floorplan is dated, but this is a starting point.

Woodstove flue thinking

According to my cousin Rich Simpson, we have two major options for the proposed woodstove on the second floor.  We can go through the floors above or leave the room and go up on the outside of the wall.  In either case, we will need an insulation box to protect the hot pipe.  Here are some views of a proposed flue system.



Clothes line thinking

Because the laundry is on the third floor, we need a good place for a clothes line.  Margy thinks the deck off the master bedroom would be just fine.

Stone Ledge planning

There are places where we will want to cover the poured concrete footings with stone.  We will need to plan for an appropriate ledge that can support a future stone face.  Here are some examples.

South, the retaining walls near the first floor door.

North, at the entrance.

The two car scenario

The carport will be used by Margy and should be sized so she can drive in and swing open both doors to unload stuff and people.

However, in extreme weather conditions, I’ll want to park my car under shelter as well.  So, we need to make the carport wide enough to accommodate two small cars for occasional use.

House emergency generator

As discussed in the energy plan, we need to make provisions for the use of a small gasoline powered generator in case the barn is wiped out in a storm event.  In this case, we need fittings in place so we could plug in the generator and stage cans of gasoline nearby to fuel it.  In addition, we need fittings for a small propane tank to supply the DHW and cooking. 

In this example, I’m locating both propane and generator on the west side next to the entrance to the carport storage building.  This may not be the best place (there is no cover from snow/rain), but it is convenient for refueling.

Pipes coming and Going

Shown below in yellow are the supply lines from the barn:  fresh water, propane, telecom, electricity and maybe sewage.

In the future, if we want to supply improvements to the house site, we will need a way to get pipes and lines to and from the house.  The walls will be hard to poke holes into.

So, shown here, is why we should make allowance in the precast walls for a port that can be plumbed from the mechanical room ceiling to run lines to and through the west wall. 

From the barn