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Thanks to the people who helped with our project:

Thanks to Watts for radiant tubing, potable PEX, fittings, solar technology, water purification, fire sprinkler and tools. 

Thanks to Orenco for the four-stage AdvanTex advanced treatment septic system.

Herrman lumber company won the bid to be our primary lumber supplier including much of the interior framing lumber.  Dennis is our sales guy.

Harry Cooper, out of Springfield, Missouri,  is supplying us with plumbing and electrical fittings.

Many thanks to Caleffi and their excellent rep, Hot Rod Rohr for their solar panels, valves, controls and overall excellent hydronic technology.

Note:  Below is a list of suppliers, contractors and agencies who helped us with this unique project.

Locke Supply has been great to supply us with fittings both electrical and mechanical.

Thanks to Chris and Steve Berg of Berg Pump Service for installing our new pump and equipment. 

Thanks to Bryan McDaniel of McDaniel Excavating for all the work on our septic system and miscellaneous dirt work.

Thanks to Sunbelt Environmental Services for drilling our well and for help with the geothermal features of our our HVAC system.

Many thanks to the County of Greene, Missouri. They are the inspectors for the project and they do the environmental oversight as well.  They do a great job.

Thanks to Prestressed Casting for providing the cool concrete heat exchange walls.  They have been around for over 50 years and are great to work with. 

Thanks to Todd Johnson and Sarah Simpson and their crew of high climbing guys.  Todd is great to work with; he’s meticulous and he understands the principles of sustainable building.

Thanks to Jennifer Wilson and Travis Tindall, architects and designers of our project.  They are normally commercial architects and they specialize in green and sustainable projects.  They have been great to work with.  Our house has been a learning experience and we all owe a lot to A Pattern Language and Susan Susanka.

Thanks to Great Rivers for their project engineering and landscape architecture.  They worked closely with Prestressed to get the best building envelope possible. 

Thanks to Lonney Smith and Rob of WeeBee Plumbing.  These guys are really smart and interesting.

Thanks to Travis Gathman, my new neighbor who is the rep for the Filtrexx line of sustainable soil filled socks for green roofs, erosion control and gardens.

Thanks to Steve Keith, the national sales manager for Stockade Buildings.  He designed and sold us the materials for our barn, which has been great.

Thanks to Charlie Opitz, and the great crews from Kirberg for the state-of-the-art PVC white roofs over the main building and carport. 

Thanks to Art and Vicky Boyt, for their help with our Serious windows and for our photovoltaic system with new PVT technology (in progress)...

Thanks to James Bartley of SkyWire for his help with our Photovoltaic installation!

Thanks to Dave Putman and all the great people at our local NorthStar manufacturing plant.  We’re showcasing their new 2Volt Solar batteries on our project.