Here are some views of the spot where we’d like to build a house and barn.

Closeup: Dan & Margy’s house

The Google Earth view looking North.

The barn

Dan & Margy house

Dick & Ellen’s house

Dick & Ellen’s existing barn

The barn

Dan & Margy’s house

View from the River looking Northeast. 

Looking from the proposed barn down the valley to the lake and river beyond.


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360 degree view from the house site

360 degree view of the barn site

Click here for large-view 360 degree views

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RockSpan maps and overview

RockSpan is the name for our 12 acre farm and house in western Greene County, Missouri. 

The project is the West end of Division street, 11 miles from Springfield, Missouri.   The colorful plan below shows the family farm: approximately 227 acres outlined in red with a possible land use plan.  Our 12 acres are inside the larger farm.





Top: the site in panorama.  Middle:  our team of experts.  Bottom:  Jennifer and Travis lay out the house.

The most recent 20 Degrees off True South orientation.  As of 3.17.11

Dan & Margy house

The barn

Overview of the Family Farm showing topographic relief.  High resolution version here:  RockSpanFarm_TINExhibit_24x36_.pdf

Property lines for land nearby.  High resolution version here:  Chiles_CSA_8.5x11.pdf

Soil Map.  High resolution version here:  RockSpanFarm_SoilsExhibit_24x36.pdf

Drainage area for the lake.  High resolution version here: RockSpanFarm_SmallDrainageArea.jpg

Sinkholes that may drain to our lake and spring.  High resolution version here: RockSpanFarm_Sinkholes.jpg