Interior view with renders & floor plans

These renders and floorplans have been in revision for over a year now. The challenge is to stack living space in an 800 square footprint, three stories high... and a roof.  But this is a literally small footprint and we like climbing stairs, so spirals are a natural solution for us.

Front of the house.  View from the Northeast.

Back of the house.  View from the South from the lake.  Note the main floor with lots going on:  kitchen, dining and living areas.

A detail of the spiral stair from the Northwest corner.

View from the Southwest corner.

Spiral Stair Thinking

*  *  *


Walk in the main entrance...  And turn right.   This is what you might see.

Then, walk to the staircase..  And turn around.  This is what you might see.

Planning the Bird Watching Booth in the kitchen: These five images show our latest thinking for a cat friendly booth right off the kitchen.