Pipe in pipe plan

The lake is formed with an earthen dam that has several issues:  1.  flood stage on the lake is relieved with a valve that can only be accessed with a canoe.   2. There are leaks near the spillway that need attention.  Below are shown examples of how the current drain pipe can be modified with a stand pipe that would automatically relieve the high water stage.  We would insert a smaller diameter pipe in the drain pipe to power a staged set of small hydroelectric generators... in this case PowerSpouts from New Zealand.  A copper power line would run from the dam site about 800’ to the house site along the floor of the lake.  We are assuming that at peak production, the five units could make over 800 watts of power

In-line generator

Here’s an idea for an in-line generator that Y’s into the current connection.  Note we would add an emergency stand-pipe to relieve flood stage waters.  The in-line generator has an open and closed position.  Open pulls the generator away from it’s cone and it starts spinning as the water pours through the pipe.  When the generator returns to it’s nesting position, the opening is closed and the pipe is sealed. 

Concrete manhole plan

This short-lived plan assumed we could set a concrete manhold in the lake and stuff it with PowerSpouts.  There were a lot of concerns about cost and hassles.  Note the alternative manhold concept to the lower right.