View from West

View from South

Exterior Renders 7.1.12

These are SketchUp renders of the current house plan.  Most of these original parts were built by Travis Tindall of nForm Architects, but I added the updates.

Exit to roof.  Also ventilation and lighting for rooms below

Decks with view to the lake

Small water feature using water from the rainwater tank.

Ground view

Storage & potting room

North green roof

Elevation view from North.  This shows the main entrance to the house.

View from East

Here’s the view from above.  Note all the surface area for rainwater collection.

Birds-eye view from the Southeast

Birds-eye view from the Southwest

*  *  *




Rainwater tank

Primary septic tank

Rainwater collection tank

Water feature

Note the redesigned kitchen Bird-Booth.

Ground view from the Southwest.  

Birds-eye view from the Northwest

Ground view from the Northwest.  





Green roofs

Rainwater PVL-136 Photovoltaic system


Close-up of the Pergula and shaded roof area

New stair design

Detail how two sets of stairs come together on the west side

Here’s three new Ovionics flexible amorphic PV collectors.  They will provide the energy to pump irrigation water from the new rainwater tank.

Small garage door on the storage building

Click here for more about the PVL-136

Main entrance

Buzzards eye views