Current Plans
O1 CVR: Directions to Site

How to get to the jobsite.  Download the full PDF here:


02 SI 101: Property Overview

Showing the 12 acre site, house and barn locations.

02 SI 101.pdf

03 SI 102: House & Barn closeup

More detail of the house and barn with the spring, sink and cave setbacks.

03 SI 102.pdf

04 LS 101: Phase 1 Planting Plan

Tree and native planting plan

04 LS 101.pdf

05 LS 102: Orchard behind the barn

Showing the fruit trees behind the barn


06 LS 103: Planting Details

Description and details for planting the native trees and plants

06 LS 103.pdf

07 GR 101: Homesite grading plan

Grading plan for the area around the house.


09 GR 102: Barn site grading plan

Grading plan for the area around the barn.


10 UT 101: Utility and trench plan

Showing details of the utility trench that connects the barn and house.


11 DE 101:Details for the Trench, rain garden and hydrant

Showing details for the utility trench, rain garden, hydrants and drains for the landscaping around the house

11 DE 101.pdf

12 DE 102: Landscaping plumbing details

Showing details of the backflow preventer, quick coupler and manual drain valves for the irrigation system around the house and barn.

12 DE 102.pdf

13 SO.O: General notes

Important information about the foundations, roof, walls and other details of the house design.

13 S0.0.pdf

14 SI.1: Foundation Plan

Showing an overview of the foundation and retaining wall plan for the house.

14 S1.1.pdf

15 S2.1: Foundation Details

Showing closeups of the walls, entry and drainage for the foundation.

15 S2.1.pdf

15 S2.2: More Foundation Details

Showing the 12 acre site, house and barn locations.

15 S2.2.pdf

16 S3.1: First Floor Framing Plan

Showing an overview of the framing plan for the main floor (First Floor) of the house.

16 S3.1.pdf

17 S3.2: Second Floor Framing Plan

Overview of the framing for the top floor (Second Floor).

17 S3.2.pdf

18 S3.3: Roof and Access framing plan

Details for the roof and access building on the roof.

18 S3.3.pdf

19 S4.1: Framing Details

Showing details of the connections of walls and decks to the embedded elements of the Prestressed Walls.

19 S4.1.pdf

20 S4.2: More Framing Details

More wall and roof framing details

20 S4.2.pdf

21 A101: First & Second Floor Plans

An plan view of the first and second floor plans.

21 A101.PDF

22 A102: First & Roof Floor Plans & Elevations

Overview of the first and roof floors with elevations showing rough openings.

22 A102.PDF

23 A201: Detailed elevations and window schedule

Detailed elevations and the window schedule.

23 A201.PDF

24 A202: Building Sections looking East & North

Also showing details of the door and window openings, sills and rough openings in the Precast walls.

24 A202.PDF

25 A203: Sectional Views looking East and more...

Parapet and railing details, East Sectionals, roof flashing details and information about the winder stairs.

25 A203.PDF

26 A501: Millwork

Elevations for a lot of millwork in all floors.

26 A501.PDF

27 A502: Millwork, part 2

More millwork. 

27 A502.PDF

28 A503:  Millwork, part 3

More millwork.

28 A503.PDF

29 A601: First Floor Reflected Ceiling Plan

Ceiling plans for the First Floor.

29 A601.PDF

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Updated 12.4.11