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We want to be Coal Free. Margy and I are planning our project so we can live Coal Free.  Of course, this is very hard to do.  Nearly every product we buy locally has embedded coal energy and our state gets about 90% of our energy from burning coal.  Nevertheless, we all have to try harder.

So, we are dedicated to producing our own coal-free energy and working toward Net Zero Energy, where we will produce the same amount of energy that we consume on an annual basis.  Ultimately, we will be off the grid entirely.

In the meantime, claims by coal industry pollutocrats that coal is clean and cheap is a dirty lie.  You can learn more at:


The September, 2011  “Scientific American” noted in “The Human Cost of Energy” that in the U.S, every year particulate pollution from fossil-fuel power plants causes 30,100 premature deaths, 603,000 asthma attacks, 9,720 cardiovascular hospital admissions and over 5 million lost work days.

Joe Romm has one of the best sites for climate change information and you can see more at: