My current service:

Founding member and current Secretary of the Board for the Ozarks New Energy Conference.  A lot of people talk a good game about our energy future, but the ONE Conference has been the only organization to bring together all the key players for the past three years.  Someday, you too will care.

Member & Interviewer: Schools Committee,
Harvard University Office of Admissions.
I interview wonderful kids for Harvard.  This is a humbling experience because I get to see students who have remarkable accomplishments in academics, athletics and extracurricular activities.

Founding member and organizer: “Y-Bees”,
Camp Wakonda volunteers and Board Member of the Camp Wakonda Board.  We work to improve
the local YMCA camp Wakonda.  The camp has been around for 50 years and there’s always a lot of work to do.  We’ve built a giant 43 foot climbing tower, an 80 foot bridge, a huge tree house, a two car garage, a softball field, a sunshade at the pool and many other projects.

Founding member and Computer Hack of the Glendale Class of 1971 Reunion Committee.  I’m true to my school and I hope you are.   Sure I’m biased, but the Glendale Class of 1971 is one of the largest and best high school classes in Springfield history.  We’re very close after 40 years and I’m pleased to be an active part of our Beloved Reunion Committee.
My past service:

Founding member of the Board: Radiant Professionals Alliance.  RPA is the trade association for all the professionals who work in the radiant energy field.  Brother Mike and I wrote a check to help found the RPA in 1994, and it’s nice to be back with a great bunch of warm professionals.

Mayor Pro Tem and member of the City Council, General Seat D, Springfield, Missouri.  Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri and our greater economic area of 400,000 people is one of the fastest growing parts of the state.  I was also the chairman of the Finance and Administration Committee .

Chairman and Member of the Board:  Watershed Committee of the Ozarks. Our mission is to protect the drinking water.  Our partners are City Utilities, Greene County and the City of Springfield.  This is one of the best non-profit agencies in our community and we’ve been serving everyone who drinks water here for over 20 years.

Chairman and Commission member: Greene County Building Commission. We reviewed and adopted the building codes for construction in Greene County.  We also met to resolve disputes having to do with code interpretation.  Greene County has an excellent department to inspect buildings and I was happy to help.

Founding member & first President: Southeast Springfield Neighborhood Association. We put together the second Neighborhood Improvement District in Springfield’s history to purchase the greenspace along Lone Pine between Sunshine and Battlefield.  You may know this area from the Ozark Greenways trail that runs through the middle.   SESNA is also dedicated to protecting our wonderful Pershing Elementary School.  Long live Pershing.

Founding member: Springfield Neighborhood Presidents Association.  I was there at the beginning, when all the Presidents got together to work with the City to improve our neighborhoods.  I understand what every neighborhood organization goes through.

Member and website coordinator, Power Supply Community Task Force.  Mayor Tom Carlson and Presiding Commissioner Dave Coonrod appointed a hard working committee under the leadership of Jack Stack and Carol Williamson to study the power supply needs of our community.  We had 17 public meetings as I recall, and we looked at every practical technology before making two recommendations:  Create an aggressive program of energy efficiency and build the most efficient and cleanest coal fired power plant possible.

Founder and first President of Springbike (Springfield Bicycling Club).  In 1979, I went around to all the bike stores in town and negotiated a discount for all members of a brand new organization I started called Springbike.  The first ride started at Phelps Grove Park and there were six of us that rode to RockBridge and back.  We did the first Century and sponsored weekly rides along with a political action committee to make bike riding safer in Springfield.  

Two term Member of the Springfield City Utilities.  I arrived on the CU board in a storm of controversy having to do with the new industrial park and an unpopular tree trimming policy.  Although I asked a lot of questions, my appreciation for the wonderful community asset known as CU never wavered.  I served as Chair of the Telecommunications Committee and coined the name for the new telecom department, now known as Springnet.  I learned about multi-million dollar budgets and the value of long range planning.  Serving on one of Springfield’s excellent major community boards is an eye-opening experience. 

Board of Directors Member of the Steering Committee for the Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Council.  I was on the Small Business Council almost from the beginning and I helped create the Small Business of the Year award, a honor our company was pleased to earn in 1994.   

National Vice President and Member of the Board of Directors of the North American Radiant Panel Association.  The RPA is our industry’s major trade organization.  I was elected to two terms on our national board and I served as Treasurer, Secretary and Vice President of the organization.

Member of the Springfield Family YMCA Board of Directors.  I served on the Y Board during a period of growth and rehabilitation of the Jones and Ward facilities.  My special interest however, was the wonderful Camp Wakonda and that interest continues today. 

Founding Member and past Chairman of the Board: Green Mechanical Council. GreenMech's goal is to reduce pollution and improve efficiency in mechanical rooms in every building in the U.S.  This is a start-up organization and because there are about 130 million mechanical systems out there, we have a lot of work ahead of us.

Member of the Board: Urban Districts Alliance.
We're working to improve downtown Springfield.  This is an organization that serves three downtown areas and it’s great to see our town make a comeback.  I’m really impressed with the people on this board.

Board member, Solid Waste “District O” Board of Directors.

Natural Environment Committee of the Springfield Strategic Planning Committee 

Resolutions Committee of the Missouri Municipal League.

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